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Open Cart Product Upload Services

OpenCart is an online resource that was built to make life easier for merchants and customers to interact. Based in an Open Source environment, this shopping cart solution gives you to ability to have your business be search engine friendly with a user interface that is welcoming and inviting. If you’re an online retailer, you’ll likely need shopping functionality on your website, and OpenCart is one option to help you and your customers complete the shopping tasks easily. Whether you are a small brick-and-morter boutique in Darien, CT, a drop-shipper working out of your basement, or a large ecommerce shoe seller in New Haven, we can help manage and maintain your OpenCart shopping store and provide world class OpenCart Product Upload Services.

Outsource Data Services, with its experience in the eCommerce industry, delivers customized and optimized solutions for Open Cart product upload services. Being the nerve center of your eCommerce website, your product page conveys important details, such as images and information about your products to your customers. A well developed and visually appealing shopping store can help in the growth of your reputation and improve your competitive edge.

Services we offer as part of our Open Cart Product Upload Services:

  • Overall OpenCart Back Office Support: Our trained OpenCart back office services personnel will take care of ALL the day-to-day tasks that are required on any online store – this includes, but is not limited to, product entry, updating product descriptions, image processing/editing, catalog management, and more – all the time consuming tasks that you should ideally not have to deal with in order to concentrate on growing your business.
  • OpenCart Data Entry Services: We provide data entry services for a wide variety of products including, but not limited to OpenCart simple products, OpenCart configurable products, and OpenCart grouped products. Our OpenCart product entry services specialists appropriately file product related attributes such as name, type, SKU, price, quantity, visibility and status details.
  • Order Processing/Tracking Services: Our specialized order processing team can help you considerably increase the number of orders you can process and deftly manage the shipment processing and order tracking to deliver seamless shopping experience to your customers.
  • OpenCart Category Management: We configure the catalog settings for you, and help you list and maintain appropriate categories. We apply result-oriented approaches to list and maintain categories like General Information (including product name, description, Meta keywords, Meta description, page title, URL keys, etc.), Display Settings (sorting by name, best value, price, etc.), Custom Design and other details.
  • OpenCart Product Attributes: We help you create and update the attributes and other quantifiable aspects of your product such as color, shape, size, manufactures etc. We apply focused approaches to manage product attribute code, product attribute label, itinerary name, etc.
  • OpenCart Product listing/Open Cart Product Upload Services: We help you upload products either one by one or “in bulk” to your website to save time, effort and EXPENSE! We would help you in uploading the OpenCart product type like simple items, configurable items and also grouped items. We upload different individual items data and also slightly different versions of the same product under the categories of the particular products. The product details would be uploaded under the name, product description, SKUs, weight and also short descriptions.
  • OpenCart Product Image Enhancement/Upload: We make sure your images are enhanced to the best possible quality and pixel rate before uploading them to your website. This ensures that your customers get the BEST possible view of your products, which in turn means more sales for you! Our product image editors edit, re-size, and enhance images to draw visitors’ attention to your store. As part of our product image editing services, we will harmonize the color and contrast, and remove all patches, sunburns, and spots to produce flawless product images.
  • OpenCart Product tags: We assign the right tags to your products in order to ensure your customers find the product they are looking for without much hassle. We ensure that each product falls under appropriate product category with tags attached to it.
  • OpenCart Product reviews: We manage your customer reviews, and ensure we project your products in the best possible light. Well-written product reviews are among the most effective ways to pre-sell your goods to your prospective customers. Through our eCommerce review writing services, copywriters at Outsource Data Services can help you create truly valuable reviews that help your potential buyers get all the information they need to make their buying choices, viz., the product features and specifications, key benefits, practical details, target user group, experiences of other users, if possible, etc.
  • Updating Product prices: We update your product prices in a relevant fashion. Be it displaying discounts, sales prices or special offers – we do it all!
  • OpenCart Inventory Management: We make sure that you are kept up-to-date on the number of products in stock as well as their availability details.
  • OpenCart URL re-writes: We change your product URL’s from the default ones so as to give you SEO friendly URL’s that will increase SEO rankings for you product pages.
  • Manage and Create Special Offers: Our OpenCart product upload professionals are also experienced in promoting your store by creating ‘special offers’ and setting up special incentives like discounts.
  • Manage Search Terms: Our skilled SEO team develops eCommerce marketing strategies to maximize sales and lead generation from your store.
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