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eCommerce Catalog Updating And Maintenance Services

eCommerce websites these days have a huge inventory size and once you are done with the tedious task of uploading product data, begins one of the most important task in the eCommerce business – Updating and maintaining eCommerce Catalogs. An online retailer’s responsibility doesn’t get over with just getting the eCommerce store created and uploaded on the web. It is necessary that the online store is updated and maintained on a regular basis. To keep services and products’ catalog updated, voluminous amount of new data needs to be processed and immediately uploaded. But the process of maintaining a good database, considering the large amount of information that needs to be accurately keyed-in until the very last detail is quite a tedious and intricate task.

Building and launching your e-commerce website should be only seen as part of a continuing process. You’ll need to set aside time – or perhaps appoint someone – to handle the all importance task of eCommerce Catalog updating and maintenance.

Updating and refreshing

The products on offer in your online shop will no doubt change, as will the prices, and you need to make these changes as soon as they become relevant. Product descriptions and photographs will also need to be updated regularly. If there are any problems within the site – broken links, spelling errors, out-of-date information and so on – they need to be addressed as soon as they are found.

You can outsource your eCommerce Catalog Updating & Maintenance Services to Outsource Data Services as we have been in the eCommerce Catalog Updating & Maintenance business for over 15 years. We have a dedicated catalog updating team that provides round the clock eCommerce Catalog Updating & Maintenance Services and can do so with utmost precision and accuracy. If you are the owner of an eCommerce store, we can help you build, maintain and regularly update your product database, complete with information and correct to the last detail, thereby shortening the conversion time by presenting the product details and specifications in real time to your prospects. Given the space, time and expenditure constraints of paper catalogs, online Catalog Updating & Maintenance is a huge aid as it can be easily updated, accessed and is user friendly.

Services we offer as part of our eCommerce Catalog Updating And Maintenance Services include the following:

  • Regularly updating product titles, features, attributes and descriptions
  • Adjusting and revising product prices as per competitors
  • Tracking inventory and updating products’ availability status, as and when required
  • Adding new or refining existing product images
  • Updating shopping policies as well as procedures
  • Creating new categories and sub categories
  • Adding promotional offers and schemes like deal of the day
  • Updating tax and shipping information, if need be
  • Monitoring customers comments and answering their queries pertinent to your products
  • Uploading new product images and product data with new product launch
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