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eCommerce Product Categorization Services

On average, 87% of visitors that land on eCommerce sites are either using your search bar, or your product navigation links first thing, so it’s pretty important to have your products well categorized.  Your product navigation links are sometimes called facets, and searching through this guided filtering is called “faceted searching”.  Faceted searchers are 3x more likely to be buyers than browsers.  We offer the best and most effective eCommerce Product Categorization Services in the industry and can be your ideal outsourcing partner to outsource your product categorization services to. Driving traffic, retention, and growth is a challenge all e-commerce companies face, but it’s a unique one for eCommerce websites that have a broad product offering with a large amount of detailed, complex product content.

From sourcing to categorizing, merchandising, and maintaining, high-quality product content is a key driver of conversion. A survey of 2,000 shoppers by GS11, a nonprofit based in the UK, found that 42 percent abandoned their e-commerce search because of poor-quality product content. This means that companies failed to convert almost half of all customers simply because they lacked enough product information. The research on B2B/B2C e-commerce is clear: B2B/B2C websites lack the product content customers need to make a purchase decision and fail to provide customers with a positive shopping experience that instills trust and loyalty.

A best-in-class e-commerce website begins with product categorization. Good product categorization drives find-ability, which means customers can easily find what they’re looking for. If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it. Since most customers begin their search by clicking product categories, they must be organized in a way that’s clear, logical, and easy to understand. Product categories are also the organizational backbone of your website and have an effect on SEO, faceted navigation, and on-site keyword search. Get this wrong and the rest of your e-commerce shopping experience suffers. If a consumer cannot locate what they want from your webpage within 8 seconds, you will lose them. If your taxonomy is lacking, your SEO hierarchy will fail to put your firm at the head of SERPS rankings, and your products and services will be lost in the weeds on Google.

Outsource Data Services wants to make sure you drive the highest SERPS rankings, and then make the most of each customer’s time on your site, so we offer you a range eCommerce Product Categorization Services that will help you convert potential customers on your websites into actual buyers.

Services we offer as part of eCommerce Product Categorization Services are:

  • Intuitive Categorization: We organize products into categories that intuitively make sense to customers. There is no 100% correct way to set up categories and sub-categories as this changes industry to industry; however, we have extensive experience of around 15 years in the eCommerce Product Categorization business and we will research and analyze how your target customer perceives and searches for your products and this will help layout categories and assign products to them.
  • Follow one organizing principle: We have two best practices to follow while categorizing products to ensure they’re easy to navigateand have one organizing principle. One organizing principle means you’ve categorized products according to one theme like material, application, or product type. Since users decide to leave a website within the first 10 seconds, you must make it immediately clear to them where they can find products in order to keep them on the page.
  • Well-designed Product Filters: Good product categorization allows for product filters. Filters let customers refine products by characteristics like size or material. Also known as “faceted navigation,” it is the standard in e-commerce today and customers will come to expect it when shopping online.Faceted navigation presents customers with an easy way to narrow down from a large product set to the exact product they need. This not only eases decision making, it instills confidence they’re buying the correct product.
  • Create Landing Pages for Product Categories: In the context of e-commerce, landing pages tell customers what to do after a keyword search. Since most customers don’t land on a product detail page after a keyword search, they need instructions to understand what to do next and how to get to the product detail page. Statistics show that e-commerce websites see more conversions and online sales when they have dedicated landing pages.
  • Fixing Faulty Categories: We examine each of your categories, and make sure to repair the ones that contain too much information and force the customer into “bundled” decision making by extracting the actual category and any additional attributes as well.
  • SEO benefits to effective categorization: One of the primary SEO benefits of creating a logical category hierarchy is the ability to target various keyword phrases on each landing page. By taking a broad-to-specific approach you can help Google bring a customer to your site based on the specificity of their search query. For example: a search of “sporting goods store” may present a sporting good’s Home page as a search result, a more specific search like “soccer gear” will land on the Team Sports>Soccer page, and a search of “slip-in shin guards” may take the customer to the Team Sports>Soccer>Shin Guards>Slip In category.
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